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Voodou Art Symbols & Stories by Love Leonce

"I'm Love Leonce founding member of the Timoun Rezistans art group since he was a young 10 year old. Timoun Rezistans Art School teaches art to Haitian children and women. Students learn how to draw and paint using different techniques. We use materials recycled like trash for example tires and wood. We set up the school to help because we believe that art can heal, especially those who are vulnerable. The project are a bit difficult for me, because I do not have the opportunity to do that. so I need support to buy the materials and food to feed the children. We make the workshop every week-end."

Fight for what you believe! Born Love Leonce (October 2, 1995) is an artist of Rezistans Timoun in Haiti. I started making sculptures and assemblages of recycled materials in 2006, (11 years old). His subjects are inspired by nature and Vodou's stories. I have been involved in numerous group exhibitions (2008 Creation Culture Foundation) to make workshops and work with children and also FOKAL, 2010 EMBASSADE DE FRANCE, FRENCH INSTITUTE and the Ghetto Biennial. In 2015, I worked in a project Radio Shak ... I expose at internatinale with Timoun Rezistans in Denmark with the collaboration of Kuratorisk AKTION To work with foreigners and many expoxitions I participated many. I also have an art school Timoun Workshop - workshops are made by me and Herold Pierre-Louis and Evans Richelieu in attendance -every weekends (saturday or sunday)- the artists provide material and food from their private sales a paintings and a continued support of donations My other passion and expertise is music as DJ SANPAREY, House playing, Dancehall, Ragga Muffin and Hip Hop.

Here is his facebook profile: 

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Coming Soon! The Selected Writings of Mirtha Dermisache, from Ugly Duckling Press, in Spring 2018!

Selected Writings

Mirtha Dermisache

Art | $30 $25
Spring 2018
Forthcoming"Her writing is illocutionary: it does the deed."

Argentinean artist Mirtha Dermisache wrote dozens of books, hundreds of letters and postcards, and countless texts. Not a single one was legible, yet, in their proximity to language, they resonate with a mysterious potential for meaning.

Using ink on paper, Dermisache invented an array of graphic languages, each with their own unique lexical and syntactic structures. Some resemble a child's scrawl while some feel like nets or knots or transcriptions of seismic waves. Some resemble maps of archipelagos while others look like scores for inscrutable performance. What they all have in common is their remarkable clarity as texts.

Praised by Roland Barthes in the early ‘70s for the “extreme intelligence of the theoretical problems related to writing that [her] work entails,” Dermisache’s writings suggest both an abstract “essence of writing” and a concrete democratization of written forms, an elaborate exploration of the possibilities for ink and page to make and represent thought.

Selected Writings, the first collection of Dermisache’s works to be published in the United States, collects two complete books and a selection of texts from the early 1970s, a rich and prolific period for the artist.

About the Author

Mirtha Dermisache

Mirtha Dermisache was born in Buenos Aires in 1940. She studied visual arts at the Manuel Belgrano and Prilidiano Pueyrredón National School of Fine Arts. In 1967 she finished her first 500-page book after which she continued with the development of her graphisms. Her works were published between 1970 and 1978 by the Center for Art and Communication, led by Jorge Glusberg. In the 1970s her graphisms were published by Marc Dachy and Guy Schraenen in Antwerp as well as in the magazines Flash Art, Doc(k)s, Kontext, Ephemera, and Ax. Her work was exhibited by Ulises Carrión in the gallery Other books and So (Amsterdam), and by Roberto Altmann in the Malmö Konsthall (Sweden). During this same time she created the Workshop of Creative Actions in Buenos Aires. In 2004 with Florent Fajole, Dermisache carried out a series of publishing devices that explore the dimensions of installation and printing processes, highlighting different conceptual aspects of publications in the same spatial reality. Her first solo show in Buenos Aires was presented by The Edge, followed by exhibitions of her work at the MACBA (Barcelona) and the Center Pompidou (Paris).

Advance Praise

The subtlety and rigor of her work—her writing without words, typography without text, drawings without images—make Mirtha Dermisache an essential artist—not just of Argentine art, but also of what we have come to call international visual poetry.—Philippe Cyroulnik

Friday, January 19, 2018

Artefacts by O Mayeux is now available at Amazon USA, UK, Canada, & Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Spain)! Post-Asemic Press #006

Page 1 of Artefacts

About Artefacts

In January 2017, O Mayeux wrote a computer program to dismantle all the poetry he has ever written, to tear it apart at its seams, to stitch its syntax into itself. What remains are these Artefacts, a cycle of asemic poetry. The abstract erotic narrative threaded through these poems is a delicate lament for the fragility of semantics, a tale of how we all remain unreadable to each other.

O Mayeux ( is an artist and linguist. Artefacts is his first book.

"Mayeux here takes the bits and pieces, the scraps and refuse of language, the smallest particles, and re-knits them into a unspeakable song, Language clamors and yawps, mutters and sighs a new poetry, a choir of difference, a harmony of letterforms.” — derek beaulieu

'Through disappointment comes clarity. From clarity comes conviction. And thus, from conviction, arises opacity, again, inescapable, overlapping, murky. This beautiful work, Artefacts, is a testament to life, through poetry, the way it actually is. Broken, eclipsing itself, beautiful, made of older pieces, physical, disfigured. Showing there can be no real clarity in language art, just a pristine fracture.'
  — SJ Fowler

Post-Asemic Press can be found here:

Artefacts by O Mayeux is now available at Amazon USA, UK, Canada, & Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Spain).

Click on the following links to purchase the book:

Amazon USA: 

Amazon UK:

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José Parlá: No Space / Non Place - January 30, 2018 Reception @ NEU SPACE | 42

José Parlá: No Space / Non Place - January 30, 2018 Reception @ NEU SPACE | 42

The Neuberger Museum of Art is delighted to present José Parlá: No Space / Non Place, a newly commissioned public project for NEU SPACE | 42. Parlá is known for his paintings and sculptural works that examine the concept of place. Using the backdrop of world cities, the work explores the accumulated history of urban environments, capturing the essence of a place at the brief moment between past and future. In this group of new paintings Parlá abandons the concept of a specific place to explore a generic urbanism reflecting the turbulence of political situations around the world.

José Parlá: No Space / Non Place is organized by the Neuberger Museum of Art, Purchase College, SUNY, and curated by Avis Larson, Assistant Curator. Generous support for this project is provided by the Friends of the Neuberger Museum of Art and by the Purchase College Foundation.

In Conversation: José Parlá by Neuberger Museum of Art

Meet the Artist Reception & Artist Talk with the Curator

Tue, January 30, 2018
6:00 PM – 7:30 PM EST

33 West 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036

(across from Bryant Park) located on the ground floor of the SUNY College of Optometry

Ticket Prices:
$5.00 General Admissions register on

FREE Members & Purchase College students, faculty and staff // PLEASE NOTE: Member & Purchase community attendees e-mail and we will reserve a seat.

For more info:

Monday, January 15, 2018

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Poem Brut Events

This Saturday sees the first Poem Brut event of the year at Rich Mix. Three further events are confirmed for the year ahead and one exhibition, with an open call. Details below.
Poem Brut at Rich Mix II: January Saturday 13th - 7pm onwards
Rich Mix Gallery : Free Entry (free wine too) 

35-47 Bethnal Green Rd, London E1 6LA (downstairs from the Indigo Cafe) 
Featuring brand new literary performances from Paul Hawkins, Imogen Reid, Christian Patracchini, Patrick Cosgrove, Mischa Foster Poole and more. A last chance to see my Hard to Read exhibition before it closes and a first chance to soil my book Aletta Ocean's Alphabet Empire, published by Hesterglock Press.
Poem Brut at Rich Mix III : March Sat 17th 2018
with Chrissy Williams, Lavinia Singer, Matvei Yankelevich, Julia Rose Lewis, Julia Schuster, Olga Moskvina, Oliver Mayeux, Mischa Foster Poole, Ruhi Parmar Amin, Andre Bagoo and more. 
Poem Brut at Writers' Centre Kingston : March Thursday 22nd 2018
with Revital Cohen, Tuur Van Balen, Harry Man, Tawny Andersen, Jeramu Dodds, Sarah Dawson, Lucy Furlong & more.
Poem Brut at National Poetry Library : Wednesday June 6th 2018
with Maja Jantar, SJ Fowler, Tom Jenks, Saradha Soobrayen (TBC)
Poem Brut, supported by Arts Council England.